Top 5 Best Home Tattoo Kits Reviews 2021

You may be a beginner tattoo artist or a tattoo enthusiast interested in self-tattooing. Whoever you are, if you are looking for a home tattooing kit to experiment with your artistic abilities, here are the best options. Here we list a few kits that most tattoo artists started with as learners and considered them the reliable sets, to begin with.

Best Home Tattoo Kits Reviews

Solong Tattoo Complete Starter Beginner Tattoo Kit

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The dual tattoo machine kit comes with a shader and liner made of 10 warps coil. This kit also contains 100 ink cups and 14 popular colors, which allows you to mix any color of your choice. As it comes with the power supply, clip cords, and foot pedal, you can start using the tattoo machines.

This kit also comes with the other required materials like tattoo grips, extra needles of various types, gloves, and more, making a comprehensive set. It is CE certifies and hence safe to use. Overall this is considered one of the best tattoo machine kits for beginners as it comes with every necessary equipment.

Dragonhawk Hand Poke and Stick Tattoo Kit

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This absolute beginner’s tattoo kit is suitable for a tattoo artist of any skill level. The hand sticks allow you to achieve design quickly, just like using a pen. It comes with a needle holder with a barrel that holds the needle sturdy and gives you a precise needle position.

As the holder is non-disposable, you can use it several times by cleaning them properly and changing the needle. It contains all the necessary items such as gloves, ink, mixing caps, transfer paper, and similar other accessories to get started with tattooing. You need not buy anything else.

Solong Tattoo Pen Kit Rotary Tattoo Gun Machine

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The wireless rotary machine tattoo gun by Solong looks and feels like a pen, making the tattoo designing easier. As it does not have any wires attached you need not worry about the angle of holding and just concentrate on the design part. This kit comes with 50 pieces of cartridge needles, a rechargeable battery, and an adapter with a connection wire for charging. It does not heat up easily and comes with CE safety certification.

While tattooing at home you can use the transfer paper with an ease. Transfer paper makes your tattooing easier as it can imprint the design you need on to the skin within seconds, which saves you a lot of time.

Cridoz 35 Sheets Stencil Transfer Paper for Tattooing

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The transfer paper for tattooing by Cridoz comes in A4 size and as a pack of 35 sheets. If you need smaller sheets, you can cut his sheet to the required size and use it. These tattoo stencil sheets are useful to transfer a tattoo design onto the body quickly.

You can simply print an image from the thermal copier or draw a freehand design and use them for transferring. It’s a four-ply sheet with backing, carbon, protective tissue, and the master sheet.

Aokbean 100pcs Tattoo Tracing Paper

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This set of 100 pieces 4-ply paper for tattoo transferring is made of high-quality material. The A4 size paper allows you to transfer larger designs also. It serves both purposes of direct transfer or machine transfer. As these sheets offer a smooth transfer to skin and cleaning them is also very easy, they are perfect for tattooists to achieve great work results.


The art of tattooing is fascinating, and indulging in it is therapeutic. Finding the right equipment to help you start your journey is the first big step. This list has various types of kits from manual to machines, wired to wireless to choose from. I hope you find the suitable gear to embark on your tattooing spree.