Nail Polish Myths: Did you get cheated?

You may have heard some of these nail polish myths, but you did believe them. After all, it is an elderly or someone you have known for so long who told you these myths. You don’t need to go along with the bandwagon. Here are some nail nonsense that you still keep hearing from time to time.

Nail Polish Myths

  1. Your nails need to breathe. They are dead skin cells in the first place. The nails don’t get the nutrients that they need from the air that you breathe, but from the nutrients in the bloodstream. The SNS dip nails that is used to coat them may actually help them grow healthier, however. Note that some of the nail brands that are available in the market today are formulated to contain elements that support nail growth. As a result, you are covering your nails with a nutrient-filled coating that can even protect them from breaking or tearing.

  1. Nude works well for everyone. What is right, however, is to match the shade of your LDS powder nail polish to the color and tone of your skin. Get the right color and it will complement your nails and your hands, making them look more fab than a flop.
  2. White patches on the nails mean a health concern. Some say that if the nails show white streaks on them, it means that the person has a vitamin deficiency. This is not always the case, however. It can also mean that pressure was applied on that spot on the nail or that the nail went through a rough manicure.
  3. Artificial nails are the best solution when you have nail problems. In reality, artificial nails may worsen the condition of your nails. They may look good on your nails but the actual application of the nails may exacerbate your condition.


  1. Nail enhancements will damage the natural nails. Nail products today are formulated to be safe for the nails and the skin. What you have to look out for, especially if you are having your nails done by a nail technician, is how it is done. Too much pressure applied on the nails, incorrect buffing or filing, or using unsafe nail products may actually make your nails brittle and allow them to break easily.


  1. Dipping freshly polished nails in a bowl of ice water will make them dry quicker. Have you seen any nail technician doing this? Well, I am sure you have not yet for this does not actually work. You can either have your nails air dried or have them placed under a LED nail lamp if you have gel nails instead.


  1. The green thing that you see on the nails are mold starting to build upon them. Molds do not grow on nails. Bacteria-causing infection may multiply on the nails if they have found the nails a great breeding ground. However, it is still the doctor who can determine what the green thing, if there is, on your nails.


  1. Filing the nail back and forth will damage the nails. This is not actually true, especially if you use the nail file with the right grit grade. The best file would be one with a grit grade 180 or higher. Make sure that light filing motion is applied as well.


  1. Eating gelatin will make the nails stronger. There has not been any scientific proof that this is indeed a fact. Overall good nutrition is what your nails need for them to grow healthier.


  1. Nail testers may be contaminated. Most nail products actually contain elements that make them sterile. Bacteria and germs cannot get into them much more survive such an environment.


Well, that wraps up our list of the DND gel nail polish myths that you may still be hearing or reading from others. The next time you hear them, you know how to debunk them. What we know about nail polish is that they look good on the nails, they even protect them, and they boost your personality. If you enjoy painting your nails, you now know what to believe and what to disregard when it comes to nail health.