How to Use Daisy DND Nail Polish?

Something that gives a kind of confidence to women is grooming. Every lady wants to perform with excellence in their own fields nowadays. Manicure being part of grooming not only elevates a women’s outfit but also conveys a sense of style, aesthetics and femininity. Think about how you feel when you look at a woman’s hands (or men’s) and you see chipped nails, nails that are bitten off, nails with dirt under them, or cracked and misshapen nails. Not at all!!!. Therefore it is always a best practice to establish good grooming habits.

Which gel nail polish is right for you?

Women go crazy when they glimpse at beauty products either in shopping malls or at salons. There are plenty of brand manufactures of gel nail polish with different aspects to each and every product that can either be color, glitter, consistency, varieties etc. But the one gel nail polish which matches your attire, the one which lasts longer, the one that makes you comfortable also proves to be a safer product for you is the perfect choice. If you are looking for a product that matches all of your above requirements then definitely DND gel polish colors  can fulfill them all. They always have considered focusing on product development rather than creating expensive brand awareness. They truly understand the product needs. You can also check out their products are both superior and competitively priced. They have a wide range of gel nail polish colors that have never been discontinued. Daisy DND is constantly looking at innovative ways to further develop the product range and yet to this day.

Whenever you apply any product on your body, the first and the foremost thing that comes to your mind is safety. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer that the products they are availing are safe for their customers. DND gel polish colors are all non-toxic, they are formulated in such a way that all their ingredients are without harmful chemicals.

How to apply Daisy DND gel nail polish?

As you know Daisy DND gel nail polish is 100% non-toxic gel. If you want to have professional looking nail polish at home reducing the trips to the salon then you have to follow these simple steps with care. This product is not only popular amongst the salons but also there is demand from individual users of this product.

Firstly to shape your nail by a manicure file. You can use acetone (an alcohol) or any nail polish remover to clean your nails.

For painting your nails you can use any Daisy DND gel nail polish, as there are plenty of colors available you can choose anyone that matches with your outfit.

Paint your nails for at-least 2-3 coats, but remember one thing do not paint it too thick, after each and every, you should seal the top of the nails so that you can dry each and every coat with a UV/LED lamp.

Finally, you can clean any residues or the sticky base on nails by acetone (an alcohol) or any nail polish remover.

You will be feeling excited after hearing that this gel lasts up to 21 days giving the same professional look forever.

How to remove Daisy DND gel nail polish safely?

Things you have to always keep in mind while removing gel nail polish. To move on with this procedure you require a few things like a Manicure file, 100% Acetone Nail Polish Remover and your favorite oil.

Use the manicure file and be gentle to file off the top layer of gel polish, afterwards use the cotton ball and soak it with the nail polish remover as mentioned above and put it over the nail. After 5-10 minutes, you can start peeling off the broken piece and then apply the oil on the nail, the benefit of this procedure is that it will retain the life of your nail.

And finally you are ready to apply new color from swatch collections that Daisy DND provides.

Daisy DND collection and color guide

As you know that DND nail polish colors has more than 400 gel colors, none of them has been discontinued so far. They haven’t stopped discovering new wide ranges too. Generally they have a large collection of swatches according to the trend, season, outfits, icons etc. They also have summer set collections and winter set collections. Each collection consists of more than 20 colors, and all these colors don’t repeat within them. You can opt for any collection according to your lifestyle or the one which can go suit with your attires that you wear for everyday life or for special occasions. Some of their DND collections are: DND Color Swatches; DND Spring Collection 2021; DND Winter Collection 2020; DND Essentials; DND 5D Cat Eyes; DND Mood Change.


After giving a try to these DND polish you will absolutely fall in love with them. The brand not only provides a great collection of beautiful nail polishes but they also take care for the swatch that will match with your attire. It will give a classy and trendy look to yourself as well as you can walk with confidence. 

Hope this article will prove to be a great value to you!!!