Different Types of Red Nail Colors Gel Polish You Can Wear

Choosing the apt nail polish color can be challenging for anyone because of the extensive range of gel nail polishes available on the market. While it is always advisable to have colors that suit your personality and style, you have colors that match almost every outfit, occasion, and season. The red color is one such universally admired shade. Practically every woman has tried out the red color at least once in her life. It has a reputation for being the boldest of all colors. Besides, having red color shades on your nails imparts high confidence levels. Here are some enchanting red color variations you can experiment with on your nails.

Best Red Nail Colors Gel Polish for your Hands

Cherry Red – Classy and Elegant

Best Red Nail Colors Gel Polish for your Hands

There is no color classier and more elegant than cherry red. This fruity pastel color imparts a youthful and sexy feel to your nails. While being playful and fun to have, this powerful cherry red color indicates that you mean business. Therefore, it is a perfect color to wear to your office, especially if you are the boss. It can make an everlasting impression on people’s minds as you negotiate business deals with your clients. Though bold, cherry red is appropriate for the workplace.

Deep Red – the Most Popular Red Shade

Best Red Nail Colors Gel Polish for your Hands

Ask any woman about which red shade she would love to have the most. The answer would be the deep reds because this color defines her personality as a no-nonsense woman. Besides, deep red is the ultimate statement of glamor because of its bold looks. The fascinating aspect of deep reds is that they suit all skin tones and seasons. Hence, you can easily consider the deep red shade as the perennial favorite of women globally.

Crimson Red – Glossy and Durable

Best Red Nail Colors Gel Polish for your Hands

There is little to choose between crimson red and deep red. Crimson red is the closest you come to the color of blood. The exciting aspect of crimson red nail colors gel polish is that they look best when you have a high, glossy finish. Besides looking flawless from every angle, this crimson shade provides outstanding durability. The crimson red hue symbolizes passion, fire, and confidence and marks you out as a daring and dynamic person. At the same time, it lets you show off your diva side.

Ruby Red – A Bejeweled Look

Best Red Nail Colors Gel Polish for your Hands

If you yearn for a luxurious look, the ruby red can do wonders for your style and personality. The ruby-red shines brightly amongst the other red shades because of its high gloss level that resembles a ruby stone. The ruby-red nails are perfect for all parties, mainly if it includes a dance ball. The light reflecting off your ruby red nails can entice everyone to keep looking at you and thus, make you the center of attraction. It is the ultimate attraction quotient if you have ruby red lipstick to match your ruby red gel nail polishes.

Candy Red – Warm and Consistently Beautiful

Best Red Nail Colors Gel Polish for your Hands

Candy red is the warmest red shade you can find because of its jellylike consistency that keeps it beautifully bright all the time. Besides, this red hue is one of the easiest to work with. The neon shade takes the attraction quotient to the next level. You can add glitter to this candy red hue and make your nails look more beautiful. While gold glitter should suit this color the best, you can try out other metallic glitters like silver or bronze.

Summer Red – Hot and Exciting

Best Red Nail Colors Gel Polish for your Hands

Generally, red is a universal color that you can wear twelve months a year. However, it is better to change the color intensities depending on the season. For example, the ruby-red hue is a perfect autumn shade, whereas the summer red color is ideal for the hot summer months. The summer red shade is a comparatively lighter hue than the one you have in winter.

The Rosy Red – The Ultimate in Beauty

Floral nail polish patterns are trending in 2022. The rosy-red shade provides the perfect base for your floral designs. It is a light shade bordering on the pinkish side but attractive all the same. The rosy-red forms an excellent combination with the light green shades if you wish to go for a dual-shade gel nail polish. It is an ideal match for your floral design dresses as it gels beautifully with the flowers and oozes beauty at every step.

Final Thoughts

While women love to have an exciting variety of colors gel nail on their manicures, the reds always stand out because of their inherent attractive qualities. Lavis gel nail polishes offer an exciting range of red shades to enchant every woman. There is no other color as versatile as red because this color brings out the boldness quotient inside you and makes you look demure simultaneously. No wonder red is the favorite of most women, irrespective of their skin tone and nationality.