LDS Ombre Dipping Powder: The Holy Grail of Glitter Floral Pattern

Nail art has been dominating the world of social media and you’ve probably seen a lot of people on Instagram flaunting their Dip Powder manicure. Dip powder nail trends has gained millions of likes and followers, not only because of the irresistible charm on the nails design but mainly because of its innovative technique.

LDS Ombre Dipping Powder

You must have tried a gel manicure before and you surely will not disagree how it chips right away right? Or how about the way the regular nail polish chips off and peels on the nail immediately? Don’t you just hate that feeling? It’s time to say goodbye to those problems because LDS Ombre Dipping Powder is the nail revolution we’ve all been waiting for.

What Are the Benefits of a Dip Powder?

For the longest time, women have grown accustomed to using only two types of manicures: Gel Polish and Acrylic manicures. The two are known for its longevity and versatility- a characteristic that is hard to rival and Dip powder is the happy medium between the two.

A woman could only ask for a few things in their nail polish, one that would last for weeks and easy to remove like a gel polish or one that never cracks or break like acrylic does. Luckily, Dip Powder offers the best of both worlds- it last like an acrylic and can be removed easily like a DND polish. Other than the reason of growth of the nails, most women who use Dip powder have to redo their manicure up to 5 weeks- that is how long lasting this technique is. It’s time to say goodbye to those instances where your nails didn’t make it through your event because with LDS Dipping Powder, there is no chance of that happening.

The use of LDS Dipping Powder adds an extra layer of protection to the nail that prevents further breakage and also allows the nail to grow without the fear of breaking it by simply opening a can of soda. Nails idea that were applied with Dipping Powder don’t peel or chip easily compared to other nail polishes because LDS Dipping Powder is formulated with vitamins to help strengthen your nails. There are also no added harmful chemicals that might damage your bed nails.

You might think that applying Dipping powder on your nails can be more tedious than the traditional gel or acrylic manicure but surprisingly, it can be done in the same amount of time in the salon despite the additional more steps and on top of that, it can be done in the comfort of one’s home for convenience.

If you are still on the fence, you can follow the simple tutorial below to help you achieve that avant-garde nail trend that you often see on social media and you will be surprised how simple it is to achieve that amazing shine or sassy matte look that you’ve always wanted.