Do’s and Don’ts of Gel Polish Manicures You Should Know

In these days of intensive lockdowns, it can be challenging to find a nail salon. Besides, it is also not advisable to venture out for a nail manicure and risk getting infected with the virus, especially when you can do the gel manicure at home comfortably.

It is usual for people to become nervous initially when trying out gel manicures at home. Compared to dip powder manicures, gel polish is challenging because you need to be equally adept at applying polish with both hands. However, you can master the technique with a bit of practice. Alternatively, you can get your companion to do it for you while taking care of her manicure.

All of us have seen gel polish kits comprising opaque bottles and cute LED/UV lights. Though you have an exciting range of nail polish products on the market, you should go for the best, like Kiara Sky nail polish.

Here are some do’s and don’ts of gel nails at home.

Do’s of Gel Nails

Do your research well

Though it is easy to master the art of gel polish manicure at home, it does not harm doing your research well. The internet is the ideal source where you can learn from the hundreds of demonstration videos and tutorials. The top brands like Kiara Sky nails have their instructional videos to initiate you into gel manicures’ DIY art. You can compile your notes and learn the tricks of the trade better from such demonstration videos.

Practice makes you perfect

Though you can watch hundreds of instructional videos on gel manicure techniques, nothing can compensate for actual practice. Gel manicures require you to practice various aspects like preparing your nail for the job. Preparing your nails well is crucial as the little hangers underneath the nails can leave rough edges and cause adhesion issues. The ideal way to remove them is to buff your nail edges using a sterilized nail buffer. It is advisable to spray cleansing alcohol solution and use a lint-free cloth to wipe out the debris. It is also a handy idea to use a pH balancing liquid or a primer before the gel application.

Keep your ingredients handy

Would you like to search for a cotton wipe all over your house with gel polish dripping on your nails? No one would. Hence, it is better to have your ingredients handy before you start the job.

Gel lamp, already plugged in.

Kiara Sky gel color and other requirements, like a primer, basecoat, and topcoat

Acetone and cleansing alcohol

Lint-free wipes and paper towels

Cleaning brush

Learn the removal procedure

You could have some nail polish residue on your nails. It is better to remove them before you start your new manicure. Hence, you should know the removal procedure well. Before using acetone, you have to break the gel polish surface. You can use a sterilized file to do so. Secondly, you can soak a lint-free wipe in acetone and let it sit on the nail for some time. The polish should peel off automatically.

With the Do’s out of the way, let us concentrate on the Don’ts of gel polish.

Don’ts of Gel Polish

Never go for thick layers

The thinner the layer, the smoother is the application. If you have a thick basecoat layer, it can affect the subsequent layers. Besides, thicker layers take a longer time for curing under the UV lamp. If you feel that the layers are a bit thick, you can use the clean-up brush to wipe off the excel product.

Don’t wash your hands before the application

Gel polish sticks well to dry nails. Hence, it is not advisable to wash your hands before you apply gel polish. If you do so, ensure that it is completely dry without any trace of moisture. If there is any moisture residue on the nail, it provides a fertile breeding ground for bacteria.

Don’t let the gel come in contact with the skin

It can require a little bit of practice to be perfect. However, you should avoid getting any Kiara Sky gel color on the skin. It will start to lift after the manicure. If some color does end up on your skin, you should remove it immediately before curing. Once the polish dries, it can be challenging to remove it.

Don’t pick at your nail polish

If you ever find the gel polish layer lifting above the nail, you should go for the regular removal procedure. It can be tempting to pick at the nail polish, but you could end up with thin, uneven, and flaking nails.


These tricks and tips can help you to master the art of applying gel color at home and get the Kiara Sky nails you yearn for. Practice well and master the techniques before trying out the DIY procedure.