Want to be a high school cheerleader?

Cheerleading in high school is the place all the fun starts. You have summer camp, pep rallies, homecoming, games and numerous other energizing occasions to anticipate. However, be advised that not all aspect of cheerleading is fun because the practices can seem demanding sometimes.

Trying out

Upon the arrival of tryouts, you ought to have rested well, had a solid breakfast and lunch, and take a lot of water. Many high school cheerleading tryouts are comparable, however at all of them, you will be relied upon to dress perfectly, with your hair pulled up, and not expected to put on jewelry. You may be grouped into three or four girls and asked to try out some rehearsed moves or something you learned watching the cheerleading squad.


Your squad can go to several camps (private and resident camps). In the case of a resident camp, your group will go to a school or college where you will remain in a residence for three evenings. The camps here are generally vast, which means there will be numerous several groups there that your group can meet and become more acquainted with consistently. In the case of a private camp, that kind is usually held around your school. At these camps, your group will get personal guidelines from the staff. There are numerous camps different from these two but they will always be so much fun.


Generally, cheerleading practices will be held after school up to five times weekly. They generally last a few hours and can comprise of trick hones, cheer practice, or rivalry practice, depending on the event they are rehearsing. Prior to your first football game, your mentor or counsel will more than likely have you do your thing and sidelines during the games, or perhaps you have a rally on Friday that your group needs to sort out.


Cheering at amusements can be diverse at several schools, but it is always a fun experience. While most groups cheer at basketball or football games, cheerleading is becoming vast and being extended to volleyball and wrestling games. Regardless of what school you cheer for or what number of sports groups your squad cheer for, cheering for your school is always a mind-blowing experience. Nevertheless, that does not mean you will have fun at homecomings and pep rallies too. Being a cheerleader is imperative for you to lead them with passion and persuade them to always cheer and support the school teams.


As a cheerleader, you will be subjected to certain rules and regulations and you have to maintain them for you to still be a part of the squad. Your guides and leaders will always monitor your activities to ensure you are satisfying the principles they have set. These standards may include completing a certain number of community service hours, being involved in some on-campus activities, always having homework, showing up early for classes and maintaining a certain grade point average. In the event that your counsels ask a great deal from you, do not feel constrained. They are simply endeavoring to cheer you to exceed expectations.