Top 5 Best Home Tattoo Kits Reviews 2021

You may be a beginner tattoo artist or a tattoo enthusiast interested in self-tattooing. Whoever you are, if you are looking for a home tattooing kit to experiment with your artistic abilities, here are the best options. Here we list a few kits that most tattoo artists started with as learners and considered them the reliable sets, to begin with.

Best Home Tattoo Kits Reviews

Solong Tattoo Complete Starter Beginner Tattoo Kit

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The dual tattoo machine kit comes with a shader and liner made of 10 warps coil. This kit also contains 100 ink cups and 14 popular colors, which allows you to mix any color of your choice. As it comes with the power supply, clip cords, and foot pedal, you can start using the tattoo machines.

This kit also comes with the other required materials like tattoo grips, extra needles of various types, gloves, and more, making a comprehensive set. It is CE certifies and hence safe to use. Overall this is considered one of the best tattoo machine kits for beginners as it comes with every necessary equipment. (more…)

Do’s and Don’ts of Gel Polish Manicures You Should Know

In these days of intensive lockdowns, it can be challenging to find a nail salon. Besides, it is also not advisable to venture out for a nail manicure and risk getting infected with the virus, especially when you can do the gel manicure at home comfortably.

It is usual for people to become nervous initially when trying out gel manicures at home. Compared to dip powder manicures, gel polish is challenging because you need to be equally adept at applying polish with both hands. However, you can master the technique with a bit of practice. Alternatively, you can get your companion to do it for you while taking care of her manicure.

All of us have seen gel polish kits comprising opaque bottles and cute LED/UV lights. Though you have an exciting range of nail polish products on the market, you should go for the best, like Kiara Sky nail polish.

Here are some do’s and don’ts of gel nails at home.

Do’s of Gel Nails

Do your research well

Though it is easy to master the art of gel polish manicure at home, it does not harm doing your research well. The internet is the ideal source where you can learn from the hundreds of demonstration videos and tutorials. The top brands like Kiara Sky nails have their instructional videos to initiate you into gel manicures’ DIY art. You can compile your notes and learn the tricks of the trade better from such demonstration videos. (more…)

Benefits and Uses of Baseball Banners

Baseball banners are becoming a popular feature of the sport. Have you ever wondered why? If yes, this article is designed to help you understand why many are now spending time on custom baseball banner for their team.

The effect of fan support cannot be overestimated in any sport. Fans can motivate their team to play better while they demotivate their opponents. These days, it’s no longer about the fans alone; there are several tools to help them cheer their team to victory. This is through the use of banners.

How to Use Baseball Banners?

One good thing about baseball banners is their versatility. There are different ways to use these banners when supporting your team. They can be hanged on the wall or fence of the pitch while the team is playing.

You can also make them in cards that can be carried and waved when your team is playing. They can be placed wherever you think will be comfortable for the players to see the banner. (more…)

LDS Ombre Dipping Powder: The Holy Grail of Glitter Floral Pattern

Nail art has been dominating the world of social media and you’ve probably seen a lot of people on Instagram flaunting their Dip Powder manicure. Dip powder nail trends has gained millions of likes and followers, not only because of the irresistible charm on the nails design but mainly because of its innovative technique.

LDS Ombre Dipping Powder

You must have tried a gel manicure before and you surely will not disagree how it chips right away right? Or how about the way the regular nail polish chips off and peels on the nail immediately? Don’t you just hate that feeling? It’s time to say goodbye to those problems because LDS Ombre Dipping Powder is the nail revolution we’ve all been waiting for.


Prevention and Treatment of Toenail Fungus

Toenail Fungus is not an easy fix. Most prescribed medications take months to work. Over-the-counter medicines have not proven too successful as an effective treatment. This article today will go over some of the best techniques for prevention and treatment of toenail fungus.

Prevention and Treatment of Toenail Fungus

Prevention Techniques to Keep Toenail Fungus from Spreading

The key to prevent a toenail fungus infection is keeping your feet clean and dry, along with keeping your toenails trimmed correctly. Performing these daily hygiene habits, will go a long way ensuring fugal-free toenails.

If you do have a toenail fungal infection, these daily practices will help ensure your fungus toenail infection not spreading further:

  • Make sure and wash and dry your feet thoroughly before putting on your shoes.
  • When trimming your toenails, trim straight across the nail. Make sure the nail does not reach above the tip of the toe. By trimming your toenails in this manner, your delicate tissue underneath the nail are protected.
  • Wear shoes that fit your feet correctly. An ill-fitting or a show without sufficient toe room will cause more sweating of feet, and will provide a moist, humid environment for the fungus to grow.
  • Remove damp or wet socks and soon as possible. Be sure and dry the feet completely and put on a pair of fresh, dry socks.


Nail Polish Myths: Did you get cheated?

You may have heard some of these nail polish myths, but you did believe them. After all, it is an elderly or someone you have known for so long who told you these myths. You don’t need to go along with the bandwagon. Here are some nail nonsense that you still keep hearing from time to time.

Nail Polish Myths

  1. Your nails need to breathe. They are dead skin cells in the first place. The nails don’t get the nutrients that they need from the air that you breathe, but from the nutrients in the bloodstream. The SNS dip nails that is used to coat them may actually help them grow healthier, however. Note that some of the nail brands that are available in the market today are formulated to contain elements that support nail growth. As a result, you are covering your nails with a nutrient-filled coating that can even protect them from breaking or tearing.


SNS nails, why I like and dislike then

This year I contemplated over what might be my non-debatable when it comes to taking care of me in 2018. I couldn’t care less for the hair salon, I cherish clothes yet I’m not a major customer so I contemplated on that one thing that would be moderate and advantageous and my nails came to mind. As an improved hoarder of DND gel polish, I decided to schedule a weekly visit to the salon since I no longer wanted to do my nails myself anymore.

sns nail

Barely a month in, I am already hooked. Whenever I look at my nails while typing or driving, it makes me smile. In the wake of having attempted manicure that got bad within a few days, I chose to give SNS nails a trial after someone recommended it to me. SNS is an acronym for Standard Nail System.

Before visiting the salon, I had no idea what the procedure for this manicure was like but since it looked good on her, I am giving it a trial anyway.


How to make the Cheer Team in middle school

Everybody cherishes summer breaks, however, one question you keep asking yourself is “Will I be part of the team?” High School Varsity Cheer audition is upon us.

So how would you get ready to join the squad? You need to consider many things because they end up stressing you out. Here is a rundown of things you have to consider and plan for and be prepared. The number of vacant spots on the team is little and different abilities are required. The squad is not comprised of only flyers or bases obviously. Each varsity has diverse criteria, has distinctive size groups and has distinctive ability pools to look over.

When filling up these spots, many things are considered. As usual, there will be some special treatment and that is a fact. Having had a first-hand experience over this, I know what I am saying. What’s more, every one of the junior cheerleaders who has been cheering throughout the previous years will certainly make the team, thereby limiting the available spaces for new members to fill in.

I have recorded a portion of the things to consider before you audition for a spot. Try not to surrender in the event that you were not selected. Openings may surface at any time. Confide in the coaches and find out how to increases your chances next time.  It could be an issue with numbers or many people did well but the spots were limited.

My recommendation is to look at the pointers underneath and calm yourself. Just prepare yourself to become part of the team next time.

They could just decide to make their selections based on the following criteria:

Proper dresses are worn to tryouts:

  • Spandex or soffe shorts
  • Plain white shirts
  • Athletic shoes and socks
  • Your hair condition
  • No jewelry (this incorporates any piercings-nose, eyebrow, ear, and so on.)
  • No gum
  • Condition of your nails
  • No compelling reason to wear your cheer cosmetics amid tryouts
  • Softball banners


  • Certain and energetic
  • Perfectly dressed, great stance
  • Fatigue

Information Skills:

  • Unhesitatingly show cheers/serenades/bounces/movements/move
  • Understand the arrangement and accuracy of developments
  • Try not to glance around to others for help
  • Commit couple of errors and recuperate rapidly without people noticing


  • Know required hops (front hurdler, side hurdler, herkie, toe touch, and so on)
  • Have great stature and positioning your legs accurately
  • Have a great landing, execution, and prep


  • Have a precise movement
  • Have loud voice, capable of being and ability to project
  • Synchronize with squad members
  • Be fiery and loaded with energy
  • Can position legs and arms accurately

Dance steps:

  • Synchronize with squad members
  • Be fiery and loaded with energy
  • Have precise cadence and timing
  • Know the arrangement and exactness of movements
  • Try not to glance around to others for help
  • Commit couple of errors and recoup rapidly without people knowing


  • Perfect the round-off back handspring move
  • Perfect the round-off or cartwheel move

If you know more of them, please let us know in the comments section.

Being a team mom is hard work. Are you interested?

You need to heat cupcakes you unable to eat and manage parents that will get on your nerves but you cannot scold them.

It is tiring.

Much the same as everything else you do to improve the situation of your children, being a team mom is slightly making your own life miserable while making life better for others.

Truth be told, after numerous years on the sidelines of many cheer teams, You will get used to being less miserable while making life better for others. It starts becoming joyous.

Rules and regulations of Team Mom-ing

Get used to the game. Cheering for a block attempt at a kid softball game is not the same as this one. You should at least master the basics, and then the language. Bear in mind that you cannot keep running close to the football field when your child is heading out toward the end zone, or scream at him when he is on the free throw line. Of course, you can, but do you think he would want you to do this at this time?


Going for a cheerleading tryout soon? Then you need to see this

You have been preparing, molding and taking in your essential cheerleading moves all year, and tryouts are relatively here! Since you have yourself emotionally and physically ready for your tryout, do not forget to go to the cheer center with these items:


Bring some training shorts (not loose, and a suitable length), and a perfectly sized tank or tee. It will elevate your spirits when you put on the school colors. Some of the time, the mentor will require certain styles or hues for tryouts, so be informed.

Only wear indoor performance shoes that are white and clean and are intended for cheerleaders. Try not to spend a great deal of cash on your tryout shoes, since you will need to buy the team’s shoes in the event that you make the team.

Do not neglect to convey a games bra to change into before your practice. In the event that you will be doing any tumbling or stunts, wear cheer briefs beneath your cheer clothes.


Elevate your spirit by enriching your haircut with a cheer bow. It would be ideal if the school colors were part of it. Know how the cheerleaders wear the bow before using them, so you can look like one of them and not a stranger.

If your school’s group utilizes pom poms, enhance your performance by bringing in a pair!

Purchase pre-sparkled stars in your team’s hues and wear on your cheek for an additional spirit boost! Ensure that the group permits sparkle cosmetics and embellishments first.


After an entire day of classes, you might need to freshen up before you go for the tryouts. Come with antiperspirant, floss, and your toothbrush, toothpaste, and you will be set up to grin enormously while you buckle down.

You will need to ensure that your hair is pulled back, away from your face. Pack a brush, hair curling accessory and you can wear a new hairdo in no time before the tryouts!

Bring fundamental cosmetics stuff, like powder and concealer, for a little touch up before tryouts. Try not to exaggerate your cosmetics. When you get to the team, you can go big at performances and games.

Jewelry is a big no. Take them off and store them in your bags. Additionally, stay away from anything that could meddle with your capacity to perform, for instance, lotions and oils apply little cologne.


Drink lots of water so you can stay hydrated all through the day.

Carry some food in your bags so you can eat before you perform. You would not want to go performing on an empty stomach.

If you are currently on any medications, make sure you come with them.

Come with braces or wraps, ankle, shin or knee protective wears if you need them.


Jot down every information in a paper to read up later.

If you will be trying out using your own music, do not forget to come with them!

Even after packing everything you need, be sure to double check in the morning so you do not miss anything!