Simple Makeup and Skincare Steps to Get Rid of Acne

Acne is a hard ridden skincare issue and only the people prone to it can relate to this. Once it starts, it will only be eliminated if you take proper care of it and don’t take anything for granted. It can be easily prevented if you start taking care of it at the earliest.

Makeup and Skincare Steps to Get Rid of Acne

Acne can be easily prevented by following simple steps in your skincare and makeup routine. Following article will show you how you can do that.

Can makeup help in treating acne?

A lot of people might think that makeup is the cause of acne, it can never treat it. Well to some extent the statement is true. Makeup can cause acne if it is clogging pores and is occlusive. It will definitely trigger breakouts. But that does not mean that makeup is a ‘No-go’ for everyone with acne prone skin. Makeup can in fact, help you in preventing acne if you choose the right products. There are a number of makeup products that come with ingredients that can treat acne and help in preventing breakouts. They can also help in hiding the acne scars.

Which products are useful and how to use them?

Below are a few of the makeup products that can help you in preventing and treating acne. Let’s see how you can use them wisely.


Primer is one of the most beneficial products for acne prone skin. The best makeup primer for acne prone skin can do wonders and is highly suggested by both makeup and skincare experts. Once applied all over the face, it locks the open pores and gives you a matte finish. This seals all the pores in place and prevents outbreaks. It also prevents makeup products from triggering acne.


A concealer that is moisturizing and also comes with salicylic acid will perform dual action for acne prone skin. It will not only camouflage the acne spots and scars but it will also help in treating your breakouts. Apply it generously on all the sensitive spots of your face and you’ll see how it will improve the look of your skin.

Mineral powder

A mineral powder sets all your makeup in place. It also prevents excessive sebum production and as a result, controls the production of acne on your face.

How to use skincare effectively to get rid of acne

Obviously, skincare products are the first choice for treating skin problems. Acne is one such condition that needs attention when it comes to use of skincare products. Here are a few products that can be very helpful.

Face wash

A face wash used regularly will not let any impurities, dirt, or sebum to clog the pores and as a result, the major triggering factors for acne will be eliminated from your skin. It is better to use a gentle, foaming face wash which helps in removing all the trapped grime in just one wash without being erosive on your skin.

Hydrating lotion

A hydrating lotion or moisturizer is extremely necessary for acne prone skin. It is extremely important to keep the moisture content of the skin up to the mark so that no oil particles can be produced and your skin stays fully nourished.

Night cream

Using a high quality night cream for acne can be very beneficial to prevent breakouts. During the night, the product will penetrate to the deepest layers of skin and will provide the lacking nutrients to the skin. As a result, skin will be nourished and rejuvenated.


Summarizing it all, whatever you apply to your face, every single product matters. Choose and use them wisely and enjoy the healthy skin of your dreams.