Why Is Blue Gel Polish Always the Top Choice in Nail Art?

In daily life, color is not only for decoration and beauty, but it also contains many different functions and meanings. The movement of colors is non-stop, each year there will be a color trend that is liked. However, blue is always slow and persistent. It is always loved by everyone and never goes out of fashion. This is the result of a survey in 100 countries with more than 30,000 people. So why is blue always the first choice? Let’s find out in the following article!

The Meaning of Blue

Blue Gel Polish

Blue gives people a feeling of peace and coolness. Therefore, the blue color is widely applied in all fields, especially, today when the society is developing more and more, the beauty needs of women are more and more, the blue color is also used a lot. In the beauty industry in general and the nail industry in particular. According to some studies, our brain always has a positive response when near the color blue. Blue helps to calm the soul, stimulates creativity, even heals mental injuries, and especially it is a color symbolizing peace. Therefore, living near this color will bring a feeling of relaxation, happiness, and healthy body. Those are also the reasons why blue gel nail polish color has become so popular in nail design.

Which Is the Most Famous Brand of Gel Polish Color in the World?

O.P.I is America’s leading professional nail care brand, a product containing nail care ingredients, without harmful chemicals in the paint’s composition. In 1989, OPI officially launched lacquer nail products on the market and after 17 years OPI has introduced more than 36 different seasonal color collections with hundreds of nail polish color tones. This brand is confident to be the most famous nail brandand is always the first choice of Hollywood stars. OPI gel polish line is very diverse in design, rich in color and safe for users for both users.

Therefore, when choosing gel nail polish. The professional nail technicians and high-end customers often desire to own OPI gel polish for their gel polish collection and blue gel polish is always on the list of best-selling nail polish colors of this brand.

OPI gel polish line has a lot of different colors but blue is considered the most meaningful color. Blue has 3 main colors, each one has many shades and has its own meaning:

Dark blue: represents trust, intelligence, good qualities

Blue Gel Polish

Bright blue: represents purity, independence, strength and coolness

Blue Gel Polish

Sky Blue: expression of peace, ethereal, relaxed, spiritual

Blue Gel Polish

Why Is Blue Always the Top Choice in OPI Gel Polish Collections?

Choosing the most suitable nail polish color will give your hands a luxurious, gentle look. It not only helps you to be more confident, completes your outfit, but also a piece of jewelry that helps you stand out from the crowd.

Blue is a very popular color because of its gentleness and coolness. Picking up a blue gel polish gamut also helps to lift the skin tone much brighter and brighter.

The nail designs created by blue gel nail polish colors are quite diverse. It is not picky about skin color, but on the contrary, it also helps to brighten your hand skin. The OPI gel polish color collection features hundreds of shades of blue, from light to dark. Each shade has its own beauty, depending on your wishes, you can freely choose and create hundreds of beautiful and unique nail designs.

Some Beautiful Nail Design Ideas with OPI Blue Gel Color

Beautiful Nail Design with Stones and Glitter

If you like the highlights, aristocratic elegance, choose blue gel polish as the main color to mix with glitter, and white brilliant stones. It not only creates eye-catching effects but also creates aristocratic elegance, attracting eyes from everywhere. The glittery blue nail art style mixed with the white/blue stone vein painting style will definitely bring you a really eye-catching and genuine nail set.

Alternating Dark/Light Shades

Simple but trendy is the alternating dark / light nail art, you can pick up the blue gel polish color from light to dark and you can freely to create unique nail designs from them by using one color for each finger. it’s so easy to do but you will absolutely have a surprisingly cute nail set.

Combining with Drawing Patterns

In addition to the blue tone, the ladies can adorn their nails with multi colors line drawing patterns to help add youthful accents.

Final Thought

If you are confused in choosing gel polish colors for your nail designs, do not hesitate to choose blue gel nail polish to create beautiful, elegant or luxurious nail design for yourself. Blue color will help you create sympathy and good impression on everyone at the frist appointment. Surely gel polish color will bring you the perfect nails as expected, please experience and share your interesting experiences with us.